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You might be tempted to not have a cavity or area of tooth decay repaired if it is not causing you any problems. However, if you wait too long, problems will eventually develop. Before things get any worse, call MI Smile Team at 586-254-3860. One of our team members can schedule you for an appointment for a composite dental filling in Sterling Heights, Michigan, with our dentist, Dr. Bruno Giglio.

Why Get Composite Dental Fillings?

Left untreated, tooth decay can cause you discomfort. A cavity can contribute to halitosis or bad breath and may even lead to an infection that could result in a root canal or even an extraction. In the past, dentists used metal or amalgam fillings to repair a cavity, but now, composite dental fillings are the most popular solution and are found in almost all dental offices. To place a composite filling, our dentist will first remove any decayed tooth material. Then, the composite resin, which has been shaded to match the color of your tooth, will be applied in layers. Once the resin has cured, the filling will be practically impossible for others to notice.

Aside from the cosmetic benefits, composite fillings have other advantages. The resin bonds directly to the surface of the tooth, forming a secure seal. This seal can help avoid the need for retreatment, and the filling will never need to be replaced. Our dentist can simply add more layers in the future if necessary. The composite resin also provides insulation from the temperature changes from cold and hot foods and drinks. There is a reduced risk of your tooth breaking or fracturing, and the composite contains no potentially harmful metals.

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