Dr. Bruno Giglio may recommend a fluoride treatment to help prevent tooth decay and keep your smile healthy. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral and can be found in water as well as many foods. While you will receive some fluoride through your diet and from using fluoridated toothpaste when brushing, a professional fluoride treatment may be recommended if your teeth are susceptible to decay.

As you go through your day, the foods and drinks that you consume, along with the bacteria, sugars and acids in your mouth, constantly attack and demineralize your tooth enamel. Fluoride works to strengthen your tooth enamel, remineralizing it and preventing cavities to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Fluoride is especially important for children, as it helps strengthen teeth as they are developing.

Fluoride treatments are quick and comfortable to perform, and our dentist and team may provide them during your routine dental cleanings and exams. Dr. Giglio will carefully evaluate your teeth and fluoride levels to determine if this treatment is a good option for you. Professional fluoride is typically provided in the form of a gel, varnish or foam.

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