Dr. Bruno Giglio can perform a bone graft if your jawbone is not thick or dense enough for a dental implant. This can be a result of damage to the jawbone in places where you have missing teeth. To perform this procedure, we will transplant a piece of bone from the jaw or a different place in the body to your jawbone. From there, your jawbone will be able to grow a new, strong foundation with the grafted bone tissue.

Not only do we recommend this procedure for those looking into dental implants but also for patients who have had their jawbone deteriorate after a tooth extraction or gum disease. With today’s dental technology, we can repair the bone to restore the function and appearance of your smile.

During bone grafting surgery, our dentist may provide you with anesthesia to help you avoid feeling pain and discomfort. This is safe sedation we offer to make your experience more comfortable. After we finish up, we will provide instructions on what you can do at home to have a successful recovery.

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