Root canal therapy is a type of endodontic treatment recommended when the tooth pulp and nerves become infected or damaged. This may occur when decay or injury reaches past the outer layer of protective enamel and deep into the tooth. Root canals are often the only alternative to a tooth extraction, as in most cases, an untreated tooth will die and need to be removed and replaced.

When Dr. Bruno Giglio performs your root canal, he will remove the infected and damaged tooth tissues, clean the tooth and fill it with a medicated material. The tooth will then be sealed and capped with a dental crown to restore its appearance, shape and structure. This entire procedure can typically be completed in just one or two appointments.

Root canal therapy has a reputation for being a painful treatment. However, thanks to advances in dentistry, this procedure can be completed with minimal discomfort. Our dentist and team use advanced treatment techniques, tools and anesthesia to ensure that your care is as precise, effective and comfortable as possible.

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