After you have received a tooth extraction, our dentist may highly recommend socket preservation to prevent bone loss. This is usually performed at the same time as an extraction to keep the socket from drying up and avoid deterioration of the surrounding bone. Having a socket preservation bone graft promotes a healthy recovery and allows the area to support a dental restoration such as an implant or bridge. It also prevents small gaps in between your teeth and misalignment.

This procedure is performed in two phases. First, Dr. Bruno Giglio tries to preserve as much bone as possible during an extraction. Second, he can add bone replacement materials to the small hole left from the extraction to prevent the socket from collapsing. As we perform this bone graft, we make sure to clean out the area thoroughly and place a bone graft into the socket to help improve your smile’s appearance. Once you have received the bone graft, we will close it up with a collagen membrane to keep the socket protected.

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