Getting tired of loose dentures and want a more secure option? Our dentist may recommend implant-supported dentures as a solution. These are similar in form to traditional dentures and are attached to a dental implant to provide long-term stability.

You should look into implant-supported dentures if you have:

  • Lost multiple teeth and want a more aesthetic-looking smile
  • A receding gumline and bone structure
  • Frequent mouth sores with your current dentures
  • Difficulty communicating and eating the foods you love
  • Struggles keeping your dentures in

To receive an implant-supported denture, you must already have dental implants in place. After you have healed from an implant placement, Dr. Bruno Giglio can follow up with you to attach a denture at the top of your implant so you do not have to stress about your denture falling out ever again.

Other benefits to wearing an implant-supported denture include:

  • Being cost-effective
  • A comfortable fit
  • Easier maintenance than traditional dentures
  • Protection to your jaw
  • Improved self-esteem
  • More shape and volume for your face
  • Ability to speak and eat properly

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