During most of your visits to MI Smile Team, our dentist and team will take X-rays of your mouth and teeth. At our office, we use digital X-rays in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Compared to the technology of the past, these X-rays are more comfortable and safer for you and our team. To learn how Dr. Bruno Giglio can use digital X-rays to improve your smile, call our office at 586-254-3860.

Dentists use X-rays to identify things such as:

  • Decay between your teeth
  • Problems with or fractures in existing fillings
  • Issues with tooth development or eruption
  • Loss of bone mass in the jaw
  • Problems with the position of a tooth
  • Tooth infections
  • Cysts, abscesses and tumors

The use of X-rays in medicine and dentistry dates back to the 1800s. Like other dental technology, X-ray technology has improved drastically. Digital X-rays use much less radiation than their predecessors since the images are captured with a digital sensor. Since they are downloaded directly to a computer, there is no need to develop them. They are easy to store and send to other medical professionals or insurance companies, and they make tracking the health of your smile easier. In addition to being part of your regular checkups, digital X-rays can be used for things such as root canal treatments, dental implant placement, oral surgery and other treatments.

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