Do you have missing or severely damaged teeth to replace? Our dentist can help with high quality restorative dentistry in Sterling Heights, Michigan. We offer a variety of dental restorations to restore the health and function of your smile. These include:

Once you come in for a visit at MI Smile Team, our dental team will perform an oral examination to see what restorative treatment is the right choice for you. From there, our dentist can work with you to develop a treatment plan with a custom dental restoration made from biocompatible material to give you back a confident smile.

You may need restorative dental care if you have:

  • Worn-down or missing teeth
  • A gap between your front teeth
  • Overcrowded molars
  • Damaged dentures and want to try a different restoration
  • Trouble speaking and chewing food properly
  • Broken teeth to repair
  • Cavities or an infection

If this sounds like the case for you, please give us a call at 586-254-3860 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bruno Giglio. You can count on us to deliver quality care and provide a comfortable dental experience so you can live with a great smile again. We look forward to hearing from you.

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